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Located in St- Armand in southern Quebec, Canada close to the border with Vermont,US. Recently purchased the land with 14 acres of existing forest , 15 acres of cultivated land and another 6 acre piece that has buildings and a pond. The forest is in very bad condition from over harvesting and alot of ash trees dieing from green ash borer insects. The forest has alot of water and is actually the beginning of a stream branch. The cultivated land is being transformed into organic soil. The remaining piece 6 acre piece is where I have been planting alot of shrubs and trees to provide food. I have also been collecting nuts from local trees and planting them in the hedgerows and forest edges to increase the diversity. This is a retirement project and I hope over the next 25 years to transform this property. Although my training is as a landscape architect I am finding this new challenge a little overwhelming on where to start, where to focus my energy and time. I have leased the cultivated land to my neighbours and they are dealing with the transformation of the fields. I may take them over myself eventually when I know what to do with them.

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