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Bosbouwerij Welna


Forest Farm Welna (Bosbouwerij Welna) is an initiative by Frank Gorter to explore the ecological foundation of production forests in the Netherlands. Production forests are often part of a nature protection framework, yet these forests take economy as a leading principle and ecology as a side product. It’s Franks goal to take ecology as a leading principle, asserting that trees themselves don’t have to be the main assets on the balance sheets of the forestry company. Maybe we could live off the surplus of the forest and treat wood as a byproduct. In 2016 he teamed up with The Plant and started cooperating with the foundation of Food Forestry Netherlands to explore this idea. They developed 4 different business cases for a forestry model. On the estate Welna he is planning a 14 hectare food forest plot to demonstrate and explore the possibility of food production in nature protected areas.

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