Measure your food forest harvest goes live!

2 hours, 3 presentations, 300 active participants, many questions and their answers

The project Meet je Voedselbosoogst, in which The Plant, Wageningen University & Research Centre, communication agency De Lynx, together with food forest Ketelbroek and Welna estate have developed four measuring instruments to help food forest owners keep track of their harvests, had its finale on 29 October 2020. You can watch each of the three presentations below, the webinar as a whole can be found below. We received a lot of questions through the chat, which we developed into a real FAQ.

Wouter van Eck of Voedselbos Ketelbroek on the importance of food forests

Wouter van Eck explains what a food forest is and what role it can play in solving the major crises of the moment: the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis and the food (health) crisis.

Jeroen Schütt of Wageningen University & Research Centre on the scientific value of the tests

Jeroen Schütt explained how the tests were put together and what can be distilled from them even during the testing phase. He calls on as many food business owners as possible to participate in the tool.

Marieke Karssen of The Plant about the tool and the data

Marieke tells more about the experiences that the testers had during the test phase and what they would like to see more of, she gives a demo of the tool itself and goes deeper into the open data source and what you, as a food grower, share with the world.

The webinar as a whole

The whole webinar is more than these three parts. General questions and responses to the polls are also covered. The duration of the whole webinar is two hours.

About the webinar participants and their opinions and questions

There were more than 600 registrations for this webinar. More than half of them attended live and in the meantime have been busy communicating with each other. Very nice to see how eager people are to find each other. We also asked the participating people for their opinions during the webinar. Technically, this did not always go very well, but you will find the best results below.

Many questions have also been asked. Some of them we answer individually, but most of them you can find on the FAQs page.

What is your motivation to start a food forest?

We asked at the very beginning of the webinar about people's backgrounds, but that poll was there too short to produce meaningful output. These polls, about the motivation for wanting and starting food forests, were answered by many participants. The answers show that this target group is very positive towards more food forests and that, as with the testers, the biodiversity crisis and food production are the main drivers.

I find more food forests...

See also our FAQ, but this group of participants is already quite calm about the use of exotics in food forests. But beware: also in this group a quarter thinks that exotics are an important point of attention.

What do you think about exotics in a food forest?

When asked about the motivation for participating in the tool, it is clear that people mainly want to see how their own food forest performs in terms of harvests compared to other food forests, and that a contribution to science is in second place.

Motivation to participate in the Measuring Instruments Tool