Food forests are an economically viable response to the food, climate and biodiversity crises

Measure the many harvests from your Food Forest, and more

Food from the Forest (Voedsel uit het Bos), you find a network of companies, non-governmentals and research institutions working together to stimulate the growth and adoptation of food forests as a serious alternative for regular agriculture and forestry. 

We develop projects that help with developing business models and have published the results of that project in Dutch; we organize training courses in Dutch; and, in 2020, we developed free accessible measuring tools that enable each food forest owner to monitor the many harvests food forests produce. The harvest we now measure are:

  • Carbon sequestration,
  • Soil health,
  • Soil life,
  • Biodiversity and
  • Economical harvest.

The video below is subtitled in English and explains more about it.

At the moment we are working hard to translate the harvest measuring tools in English before the International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium in June 2021.  We will present the tool there too. 

If you want to know more or know any way to to support us to enlargen the scale of this project, please feel free to contact us.

Measure your Food Forest harvests? How does this work?

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