Food forests: an economically viable answer to the food, climate and biodiversity crisis

Food From the Forest

An international platform promoting food forests through courses, tools and network

Food from the Forest has its roots in The Netherlands. We have been organizing professional courses and trainings for food forest owners since 2016. We have also completed two projects that supported the creation of the platform and community you see before you. The project “Measure your Food Forest harvests”  and the tools included in it, are especially relevant for an international audience. The project’s core and its tools are in the proces of being translated. You can already read about the project below and you will soon be able to create an account. Already, over 200 Dutch food forest owners have joined our community.

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In the mean time: you can read more about Food from the forest and why we are here, dig into our Frequently asked questions about food forests and the Measuring tools, and learn how the project was completed and the kind of food forest harvests you can actually measure. The little video is subtitled in English and will tell you more about us too.

Measure your Food Forest harvests? How does this work?

In 2020, The Plant , Wageningen University & Research and Communication agency de Lynx developed the online tool ‘Measure your food forest harvest‘ together with Foodforest Ketelbroek and the Welna estate. This tool allows food forest owners to measure and track the various yields of their food forests themselves. The measured yields are the following:
• CO2-sequestration
• Biodiversity
• Soil quality
• Soil animal life
• Economic yields

The tool is free, the measurements are easy to do yourself, the method is scientifically-based and you can compare your forest with other food forests through this platform. Young food forests can also be measured. And, the yield from your measurements is an online Open Data source full of interesting scientific data, that is accessible to scientists and that will help prove how powerful food forests are in numbers. So, not only will these measurements benefit you, you will also be helping science.

We are in the process of translating the tool itself ; but below you can already read and watch to learn more about it.