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What can you find at Food from the Forest?

Food from the Forest started 5 years ago as a small project, and has grown into a community of more than 400 members. The Food from the Forest platform, now live in English, allows food forest owners to make an account and create their food forest project. Doing so allows food forest owners to monitor their food forest yields, meet other food forest owners, compare your food forest’s data with similar forests, and contribute your data to scientific research. We have also been giving professional food forest courses in Dutch for 5 years, alongside experts in the field. This is the right place for those wanting to get started with a serious, well-built food forest.  

Learn more about food forests

Learn about the fundamentals: what is a food forest? what land can be used to create a food forest? Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Four food forest business themes

Four food forest designs, including plant lists and business cases, developed by Stichting Voedselbosbouw from The Netherlands, for you to download and play with.

Food forest monitoring

Four simple tests that allow you to monitor the growth and harverts of your food forest: biodiversity levels, CO2-sequestration, soil life and more. They are free and scientifically-backed.

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Monitor four types of food forest harvests

Do you have a food forest?

If you do, you can participate in the monitoring of your food forest harvests. It’s simple, it’s free, and scientifically-based. The best part is that you can compare the results of your food forest with similar food forests. By doing the monitoring tests, you also help science. The more food forests participate, the more relevant the data becomes.


Measure how biodiverse your Food Forest is with the Plantnet app.

co2opslag in bomen

CO2 sequestration

Measure how much CO2 your food forest is sequestering with a measuring tape, and the  Arboreal app. 


Soil (animals)

Determine what kind of soil you have, and count the soil animals on Soil Animal Day.


Add your economic data once a year. This includes costs, kilograms of harvest, and other revenues.

Four food forest themed areas, and their business cases

In 2018, the Food Forestry Foundation developed four food forest themes divided in the Welna estate’s land, a forestry estate in the heart of the Veluwe. These four themes can also be used to develop your food forest. You can download all data from these four themes, and adapt it to your own food forest.

Volume production

High yields and high biodiversity.


Focus on providing food for all life.


Special varieties that leave cooks salivating.


Perfect for combining experience, food and forest.