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We want to make the food forest movement bigger. And more professional. And, we want to do this together with you, the food forest enthusiast. This platform offers more every day to help you and to let you help the movement. With evidence, knowledge, new acquaintances and lots of inspiration.

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Why do we monitor food forests?

Do you also have a food forest? Then also participate in monitoring your food forest harvests. It is easy, it is free and, especially after the first year, not much work. The best part is that you can directly compare the results of your forest with similar other forests. Moreover, you help science. The more food forests participate, the more relevant the data becomes.

Hoe verander je de wereld? Met meer moedige ambtenaren, politici en adviseurs!

‘Vraag vooral nooit meer dan echt nodig is’, maar ook ‘Ga gelijk met je gemeente praten’, en ‘zonder een vergunning lukt het je niet’. Zomaar een greep uit de diverse adviezen die voedselboseigenaren in spe krijgen en elkaar geven.

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Onze jaartraining heeft drie, afzonderlijk of in iedere combinatie af te nemen onderdelen: basis, ontwerp en bedrijfsplan. Daarnaast geven we ook een driedaagse training om zelf je plantgoed te leren vermeerderen en hebben we zojuist een cursus speciaal voor professionele beleidsmakers ontwikkeld.

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Four food forest themes and their rationale

Stichting Voedselbosbouw developed four food forest themes in 2018. For Welna estate, but of course also interesting for other food forests. Below you can see them. If you click on them you will get more information. Under each theme but also at the bottom of this

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Who are our teachers?

We want you to learn from the top experts in the field. All of whom are self-willed pioneers, but who tell one story together. About how you put abundance to work and learn to understand nature.

Share it with each other

Do you have anything to offer? Wood for example, or seeds. Or do you have something to ask? Do you need help with planting days or are you looking for land? Don't look any further and post it on the message board.

Halve ha bos bij Uden moet in de verkoop

Geplaatst op :  6 juni 2022

Door :  Tedje van Asseldonk

Voedselbossen:  Trifoglio

I offer something

REQUIRED: Owner of a food forest as part of my graduation project!

Posted on : 8 December 2021

By : Cindy De Renett

Food forests: 

I have a question

between Zutphen and Deventer, a food forest can be started

Posted on : 22 November 2021

By : danielle smeets

Food forests: 

I offer something

(small) rental house in/near food forest & offer help with planting days etc.

Posted on : 12 November 2021

By : Maartje Zaal

Food forests: 

I have a question