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We want to make the food forest movement bigger. And more professional. And, we want to do this together with you, the food forest enthusiast. This platform offers more every day to help you and to let you help the movement. With evidence, knowledge, new acquaintances and lots of inspiration.

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Six inspiring (food) forest landscapes

Together with Stichting Voedselbosbouw Nederland, communications agency De Lynx and Stichting Probos, we are developing six recognizable, attractive new food forest landscapes that you can now get started yourself.

Monitoring my forest

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Budgeting my food forest

food forest policy

How do you change the world? With more courageous officials, politicians and advisors!

Never ask for more than is really necessary', but also 'Go and talk to your municipality right away', and 'You won't succeed without a permit'. Just a few of the various pieces of advice that would-be food forest owners receive and give each other.

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Dutch Courses

Our annual training course has three components that can be taken separately or in any combination: basic, design and food forest plan. In addition, we also offer a three-day training course to learn to propagate your own planting stock and a two-day in-depth course on soil. We also offer a course specifically for policy makers and other land professionals.

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Four food forest themes and their rationale

Stichting Voedselbosbouw developed four food forest themes in 2018. For Welna estate, but of course also interesting for other food forests. Below you can see them. If you click on them you will get more information. Under each theme but also at the bottom of this

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Who are our teachers?

We want you to learn from the top experts in the field. All of whom are self-willed pioneers, but who tell one story together. About how you put abundance to work and learn to understand nature.

Something to ask or offer? Share it on the message board

Do you have anything to offer? Wood for example, or seeds. Or do you have something to ask? Do you need help with planting days or are you looking for land? Don't look any further and post it on the message board.

Sources for plot analysis

Posted on : March 30, 2023

By : Anneleen

Food Forests: The Wild Meadow

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CO2 storage in trees

Posted on : March 16, 2023

By : Heleen van Splunter

Food forests: 

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Back (and front) yard mini project - co-design

Posted on : March 12, 2023

By : Jessica Wawoe

Food forests: 

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Scion Exchange in Europe

Posted on : February 24, 2023

By : Malte Rod

Food forests: Rod & Lund

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TIP: up-to-date satellite images 6x p.y.

Posted on : February 23, 2023

By : Anneleen

Food Forests: The Wild Meadow

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