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 Get right to work 

We have built a tool that allows you to create a custom report tailored to your project’s environment. This report serves as a foundation to begin discussions with your team, family, investors, etc.

This is just the beginning, you will notice that the default plant list consists of plants for sandy soils, and we base our models on assumptions, but each year more substantiated data supporting food forests will be generated thanks to all participants using this platform. So, join us in making food forest project more viable, and increasingly beautiful. Have fun!

Developing the four themes for your food forest​

The online business plan tool is originally filled in with the data from the Welna estate, including its plant list. You can adjust the data to the needs and wishes specific to your project. 

To avoid overly romantic scenarios, we have added 25% to the costs for the biodiversity theme and subtracted 25% from the revenues for the experience theme in the online tool. In the case of the themes with good returns, we have added 25% to both sides. If you want to know more about how the figures were calculated, download the Excel sheets from the Welna estate.