Monitoring and budgeting food forests

All content from the webinar of 12-11-21

Food forest monitoring 2021

Jeroen Schutt

Jeroen analysed the data of the three ecological tests from 2021. He looked at biodiversity, CO2 storage and the soil fauna test. 

Validation study 2021

 Sien Roof 

Sien Roof visited 20 food forests this summer and did the same tests within a week before or just after the owner. What are the differences, how can they be explained, what can be done to improve the margin of error of the tests?

The economic test

Marieke Karssen

Marieke shared the first analysis of the economic test. You can find her presentation below.

The budget tool

Marieke Karssen

After the economic test that showed how the participating food forests earned their income last year, we looked to the future. Marieke explained the budget tool for food forests that you can request below. After completing the form you will receive the link in your mailbox. 

The HAS has also developed a budget tool. It is much more detailed and complex, but still very interesting. 

Request the Food from the Forest budget tool

Developing six new (food) forest landscapes

Everyone agrees. There must be more forest in the Netherlands. But, what can that forest look like? How can we make agriculture more of a forest system? How do we modernise forestry? These are big questions that we are going to make concrete in this project. Even so concrete that we will develop the answers into six 'recipes' that every landowner can apply to his/her own land. 

Next year, Voedsel uit het Bos, together with communication agency de Lynx, The Plant, Stichting Voedselbosbouw Nederland and Probos, will develop six new food forest landscapes. Stichting Voedselbosbouw will develop four, Probos will develop two. The Plant will build these landscapes into software so that every landowner will be able to translate the recipe to their own situation, and communication agency de Lynx will take care of all storytelling and communication so that as many people as possible come into contact with this wonderful project. 

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conclusion of year 2021

The annual training course on food forests 2022 is open for registration!

The year training has just ended and it is already time to think about the next year. The teachers and dates are known, locations largely, so we open it up. You can take the whole year training or just one or two modules. 

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