Volume production

Volume production

The theme of volume production for the realisation of a food forest is relatively close to common management concepts in forestry. It therefore offers a springboard to more diversity and functionality of existing forest and natural areas. The demand for wood will almost certainly structurally increase in the coming, climate-conscious era, and especially quality wood can then become a valuable part of "the mixed forestry business" for which food forestry will be an impulse. The prerequisite for success in this theme is the strengthening or restoration of ecological values and long-term coherence, with special attention to the soil.


Those who opt for volume production as their main theme will want to design a food forest in such a way that management and harvesting, plus any processing and transport, can be carried out efficiently in the future. Within this theme, the emphasis will be on the production of food with market value, and the growth of quality wood also deserves a place; it also underlines a long-term development perspective. As an innovation, food forestry will usher in a new era for "dual-purpose trees", which produce both food and wood in the course of their lives. Their deployment offers a broad spectrum of as yet unknown management options, with more and new decision moments to guide stands in their development in space and time and their changing relationship to various markets for labour, food and wood.

Within this theme, it is essential for the desired growth, flowering and production that the chosen species and varieties are in the right place, such as in relation to sun and wind, and - both in space and time - from each other. For this, knowledge and insight into the ecology of potential species is indispensable, as is skill in designing with multiple variables. The choice of suitable planting material is also a distinguishing factor for success. This requires an examination of the available supply at nurseries in the wider area. Furthermore, the exploration and development of marketing channels requires specific attention; it involves flexible and creative entrepreneurship. In all this, a food forest can be deliberately broad in scope, but it is also possible to specialise in a limited range of products. In the latter case, it is crucial for the robustness of the ecosystem that sufficient biodiversity is maintained at all times.

Volume production

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We have simplified the data and information for Welna estate a little, and also added an economic cautionary measure by skimming another 25% off the costs and benefits for the two themes where harvesting is high.

We then built a tool with which you, in your own environment, can make a pretty nice customised report that can serve as a conversation starter for your own supporters, family, financiers, etc.

Of course, this is only the beginning and the plant list consists of plants that do well on sandy soils, and we base our models on assumptions, but every year there will be more real data and all your heads will be calculating with us, so help us to make this matter more beautiful together. Enjoy.

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