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Name of food forest

'Food Court,' Beatrix 18 Eperheide (preliminary concept Ellen Sillekens)


The food forest slopes down ten meters (from left to right). It is located on dry sandy soil in southern Limburg. The current state is grassland with some trees and hedges. The water table is about 46 meters deep. The plot belongs to Margot and Jeroen. They want to live here in about five years and start building the food forest. There is a path that can be prepared by tractor. There is a stage for an existing old "monumental willow" for meditation, yoga, nice picnics.... Despite the usefulness of swales according to experts, 2 swales have been incorporated (to experiment). And a water pool for biodiversity. The pool has a natural soil (question is whether this is possible with this groundwater level). - Edible - Raw material for making materials/products - Pigments for painting (Margot) and for textile yard Still developing: preconditions harvesting with drones Suggested species: PIONIERS Alder, Poplar, olive willow, willow, birch, alder (wind), Hawthorn hedge (4h) Scrub hedge: diverse hawthorn, elder, dogwood, buckthorn, rowan, aronia, olive willow, etc. Planting layers: NOTES Chestnut, oak: (starch) Hazel, almond, pecan, hickory, hican: (oil) Walnut: (oil) FRUIT Berry bushes: raspberry, currant, gooseberry, honeyberry, tayberry, canadian elder, elder, Japanese wineberry, Josta berry, blackberry, cranberry, foxberry, currant tree, ... Stone fruits: peach nectarine, apricot, cherry, apple, pear, mulberry, Chinese and Japanese quince, medlar, ... Climbers: grapes, kiwi(berry), mock cucumber, hops, passion fruit, ... FRUIT LAW Horseradish, comfrey, rhubarb, sedum, perennial mullein, nasturtium, cardoon, artichoke, badger chives, chives, onions, ginger, mint, clover, Sage, bay leaf, wild marjoram, sorrel, field cress, nettle, creamy chervil, hand trowel, fennel, climbing spinach, Moroccan mint, white mint, woolly mint, apple mint, creamy chervil, horsetail cabbage seed, brave hendrik, thyme, lemon balm, strawberry mint, roses, judas flowers, daisy, Toona, licorice plant, oregano, sechuan pepper, onion soup tree, bamboo

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Type of soil

Sandy soil


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