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Food Grove The Little Ham


Next to our home, we are in the process of establishing a modest food forest. On the one hand, we have a traditional standard fruit orchard with apple, pear, plum and two chestnuts. Next to it is a piece that is being arranged as a food grove, with a wide variety of species. Among the species we have: hazel, almond, paw paw, fig, kiwi berry, currant, dogwood, hawthorn, olive willow, medlar, sea buckthorn, szechuan pepper, French onion soup tree, quince, nashi pear and all kinds of berries. Our motivation, on the one hand, is to produce food for our own family. In addition, we think the ecological aspect is important. We hope to create a place where all kinds of animals feel at home. Finally, I think it would be fun to inspire and motivate other people to also get involved with a food forest or edible garden.

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Type of soil

Sandy soil


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