A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest

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Name of food forest

Food Forest Laude


At the end of our land, of 3.3/4 hectares, we have a piece that can vary between three quarters and one and a half hectares; we'll see how it goes..how big we want to be / can be. The idea for a food forest is inspired by the desire to deal differently with nature and food; contribute to more biodiversity because it is declining so fast, a nice habitat for many animals and plants but also for our guests who want to pick fruits, berries or nuts in their yoghurt and for their own pickling: shans, juices, cakes etc. The land is located on a historic Es so there are restrictions such as no digging, raising, soil churn etc. The water level varies from 40cm to 1m40 so we have to take this into account. In winter there is a strong cold east wind here and in summer we have big wind waves from the south-south-west and plenty of sunshine.For years there has been worked with poison and too much manure by a farmer who rents from us but we did not want that anymore and so the soil has been lying quietly for 3 years waiting for a new beginning. Here and there I have probably classified a bit but after the first lesson I got a better idea about the setup. A while ago I also made a video for friends and family, so you get a little impression of how everything looks now but the file was too large, my sister, photographer, will soon make a video with her drone and I will try to post that if it is not too large,.the photos were too large and I could not get the files out..then these pictures.

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Type of soil

sand with thin layer of fertile soil