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Food forest Dorp aan de Beek Vessem


The food forest was planted by volunteers together with pupils of St Lambertus elementary school in Vessem in 2020 (phase 1) and 2023 (phase 2). The planting includes 260 fruit trees, 350 berry bushes and 900 neighbourhoods and is 1.5 ha in size. It is a so-called romantic food forest, i.e. not aimed at production, but purely educational/recreational, for the benefit of the residents of Vessem and passing hikers. The "warders" (such as birch, alder, willow and poplar) are systematically thinned for the first ten years, giving way to the fruit trees and shrubs that are the "stayers." The system is designed to be as self-sustaining as possible. This means that as little maintenance as possible is done. A wide variety of plants provides a great diversity of animals and insects. In addition, soil organic matter content increases, increasing soil fertility. As the food forest grows, so does biodiversity, soil fertility and yield.

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Sandy soil


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