A photo of a food forest

Project information

Name of food forest

Food forest Amersfoort at garden park Laakzijde


Experience forest for the purpose of recreation, education, biodiversity and production. It has a semi-public character. The paths around are accessible and the inner part by appointment only. We have joined together in a foundation and have about 10 people as volunteers. We have a rovero greenhouse and our food forest is built in tiers. We distinguish 4 sections: the willow grove, the nut and chestnut grove, the fruit tree site and the meeting area with greenhouse. The trees in our food forest were transplanted in October 2022. They have been in another location for 5 years before that. So the trees in our place are already a little bigger. We only got access to this location because it is part of a redevelopment into a nature reserve in combination with an edible park. This edible Garden Park Laakzijde also houses a vegetable gardening association, a csa gardening company, a care farm and a nature barn. There is space at the site for meetings, workshops and other gatherings. The total garden park is 3 acres.

Square metres:


Type of soil

50cm clay with loam, underneath fine sand


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