A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest

Project information

Name of food forest

The grove behind the brooks


Food forest in early stages. At the beginning of February we became the proud owners of what is known in the neighborhood as 'the grove'. Started with the rough work to make room and light for both existing planting and the preparation of new planting. A small part of the planting was moved from Schellingwoude (Amsterdam North on improved clay soil) and purchased earlier at Arborealis and Eetbaargoed. These small numbers fall away from the almost 2 hectares. The authentic historic layout of this landscape, which we got a better idea of partly through a visit to a farmyard by Landschapsbeheer Drenthe, is included in the design. Wadis have been constructed and a start has been made on soil improvement (mulching) and we are preparing for planting in the autumn of 2022. The wood ducklings are getting used to it and in cooperation with Stichting Fruithof Frederiksoord we hope to be able to plant the first standard fruit species this autumn. The photos give an impression of the area to be planted.

Square metres:


Type of soil

Sandy soil


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