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Location near forest areas (Staatsbosbeheer Midden-Drenthe). Development of a half hectare forest garden on an existing meadow. Located on the Oelmersweg; mers is old Dutch for marshy land. The planting started in the year 2022. The new woodland garden is surrounded on two sides by a bank of trees that is approximately 40 years old. We are strengthening the tree wall with pioneers in the crown layer, such as heartleaf alder, poplar and birch. Lower down the embankment, planting of holly and elder, among others, has begun. In the lot, pioneers were planted and "windcatchers" such as buckthorn, olive willow and a hedge of ripple rose. On the wet parts, black alder and a swamp cypress have been planted. In 2022 we also started planting fruit trees (old apple varieties, cherry, quince, pears and plums). A walnut has also been planted. Since June 2022 we have noticed that roe deer regularly have a resting place in the tall grass between the trees.

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Field peat


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