A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest

Project information

Name of food forest

Lost Corner


We already had a design done by a professional for a layout of our landscape, where we had taken into account a piece of food forest. Now that I know that 5000 m2 is the minimum, I may decide to cultivate more land. The land is now grassland, slightly hilly towards the south. A little further north on the land puddles remain because of horse use. The land is bordered with some seedlings of ash, maple and walnut and brambles. Along the eastern border runs an A watercourse, which must remain accessible to the water board. Thus, a permanent corridor must remain open for cleaning once a year. The plots surrounding our property are used for traditional agriculture in rotation for corn and potatoes. So our hedges must be resistant to our neighbor's pesticides and the fruit trees must not be too close to the property line.

Square metres:


Type of soil

Sandy soil


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