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Name of food forest

Den Duyl


In the old family orchard ('1945), since 1990 parts have been transformed into food forest with more underplanting and more variety in species and a mixed hedge. In addition to the fruit trees that were already there, there are now many different types of underplanting with berries, blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb, asparagus, Japanese ginger, wild strawberry, wild garlic, cardoon, artichoke, etc. In terms of fruit many apple trees, pears, plum, fragile, mirabel, apricot, quince, nashipe, medlar, pawpaw, shipovapeer, hawthorn, blackthorn, rowan, black chokeberry, elder, long-stemmed olive wedge, autumn olive willow, dogwood, cherry, cherry, cherry, alderberry, jostaberry, gooseberry, walnut, sweet chestnut, hazelnut etc. etc.

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Type of soil

Clay soil


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