A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest

Project information

Name of food forest

The Wild Meadow


The Wild Meadow is mostly "herb- and fauna-rich grassland" and a section of about 4,000 m2 has mixed forest with Scots pine, birch, oak and holly, with in the herbaceous layer foxberries, blueberries, blackberries and sorrel. The current forest edge is a rich shrubland with the familiar (im)herbs and some spontaneous pioneer trees. The plot has a good basis for a combination of several successive phases: 1/3 food forest (edge), 1/3 flowery scrub with (edible) shrubs, 1/3 grassland. A biotope paradise where all animals (including humans) can find nourishment. The willows around the overgrown frog pool will provide plenty of mulch, as will the grass of the meadow. Because of the surrounding forest and tree lines, the edible forest edge is quite leezy, with a combination of sun and (semi-) shade. 2022 Was a year of mainly observation, overdue maintenance and trial planting. A design is underway, with a first round of more extensive plantings likely to come in late 2023.

Square metres:


Type of soil

Loess, silts or loamy sands


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