A photo of a food forest
A photo of a food forest

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The Geeren


Food Forest De Geeren is a small food forest of 1 ha on private property. It is located between the Diefdijk and the Culemborgse vliet in the Natura2000 area in the polder that has been called De Geeren for many centuries.This area had been in our possession for years, but except for some sheep grazing nothing was done with it. The previous owner had planted more than 100 ash trees here, which all perished due to the ash branch disease that is prevalent in the Netherlands. Because it is a Natura 2000 area, there is a replanting obligation and therefore the idea of a food forest came into view. After the permit was granted, preparations for the site started in the summer of 2021. In December, under the leadership of the designer Bouwie Greenman, a large group of volunteers and friends planted most of the forest. The first harvest will be in 2023 at the earliest.

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Type of soil

Clay soil


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