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Name of food forest

The Appelhof Joppe


Former corn field was partially planted in 2008 with 40 standard fruit trees (apples, pears, plums, cherries, walnuts, sweet chestnuts, quince, medlar) in over 30 varieties. In addition, berry bushes have been planted (black, red, white, blue, gooseberry, loganberry, wineberry, thornless blackberry, raspberry varieties). Also planted are kiwis, grapes and figs. There is a high that includes hazel, guelder rose, blackthorn, hawthorn and spanish sycamore. In the lower level are strawberries, various herbs, flowering shrubs and flowers. We have a foil greenhouse. We grow some potatoes, pumpkins and vegetables each year in rotation. There are also some feral asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes and rhubarb plants. In 2018 we added a piece, on which there was now storage of birch, nettle and blackberry. This we partly cleared again and planted saplings and shrubs there.

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Type of soil

Sandy soil


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