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Food Forest The Bramenhof originated as a mixed permaculture garden in 2014, but has grown into a food forest. It is located on the former site of the University of Groningen's Faculty of Biology and Department of Public Works. The site is currently in use as cultural incubator De Biotoop. The complex was once laid out as an English garden; the buildings are in a park-like setting with tall, rustic trees. At the back of the property, where the greenhouses and experimental fields were, is now an organic picking garden. Back there again, behind a drying ditch and earthen wall, come into the "hidden" garden of the Bramenhof. This is hidden among and surrounded by tall old trees. The design is from the early years, when a central circle, herb spiral, fruit tree grove and several raised beds were laid out. In later years, the garden was extended to the south and east sides with plots of food forest trees combined with climbers and shrubs.The site thus almost doubled the original garden. The whole has grown into a mixed oasis of edible greenery with narrow paths between the trees and shrubs. The garden was created as a volunteer garden, with little to no budget. Currently, 2-3 volunteers come one part day a week. In addition, residents of the Biotope regularly come to walk or "relax" in the garden. The yield started with berries, these bear tremendously richly. Since 2 years, 2 plum trees and 1 apple tree also bear tremendously. The other trees are still young, but a few apple trees are also starting to bear. This year I already see many pears growing on the pear tree. Many perennial vegetables are growing on the raised beds. These are also being raised as planting material or for seed from The Goddess, edible landscape. The yields so far have been for the volunteers' own use.

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sand mixed with boulder clay layers


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