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I have planted my food forest around my house. North of the plot is a forest edge with a 1 century old oak tree and several large trees of 20 metres high and 3 large native hazel. In front of that is a beautiful old Golden Delicios apple tree, under which I have planted 2 Pawpaw, 2 thornless gooseberries and several currants. Behind it on the right is a kollomnade in an arch with 5 large kiwiberry bushes. Behind the arch, the northeast side is planted with holly, privet, pine, raspberry, and young sweet chestnut. In front of the arch are 3 more Pawpaw, which bear fruit with raspberries in between. To the right of the fence are 3 plums and a kiwi. In front of them is the geodome greenhouse, 7 m in diameter and 3.5 m high. In the middle of this section is a small 25 m2 food garden, where I never walk. There are 2 plums, 3 Pawpaw, 2 tayberry, Japanese wineberry, raspberries, 5 honeyberry, 4 blueberry, silverberry, akebia, sedum, lemon balm, peppermint, woolly mint, wild rocket, comfrey and many strawberry plants as ground cover. On the west side is a 2 m high fence with a mixed hedge of beech, hornbeam, privet, Spanish aleak, holly, elder, hazel supplemented with bamboo, currant, kiwi, grape, hop and birch trees. It can be very windy here from the west. Here is a chicken run and night shelter, the chickens walk all around along the fence in the forest wall. In front of it is the pond next to the sitting pit. Around the sitting pit is grandmother's earring, Japanese maple, red apple, tayberry, persimmon, onion soup tree, 5 flavours berry, twisting hazel, edible perennials and lots of badger garlic. Nettles and an old conifer of 15 metres high. Then the terrain goes up to the house. Here are 3 species of Nashi pear, ribes, climbing rose, herbaceous spiral, ginkgo. In front of the greenhouse is a hill with green asparagus, vegetable garden boxes, camellia, low stemmed apple and plum. Small walnut and raspberry. On the east side of the house to the front garden I have a kollomnade with 5 new kiwiberry varieties. Against the fence are 2 sweet cherries. In the front garden there are 3 apple trees, 3 pear trees, a medlar, all bushy. Magnolia susan, fig bush, roses, tayberry, Japanese wine berry, rhubarb, raspberries, currants, black currant, gooseberry, various edible perennials, comfrey at each fruit tree. 2 beautiful elder trees, currant tree, hazel and strawberries.

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