Return Day 8-3 Woody Plant Propagation.

A day where everything that is quite difficult, grafting for example, can be practiced again under the inspiring leadership of Martijn Aalbrecht! 

Time and again we heard it from course participants: can we practice again? Because that is the crux if you want to propagate planting material successfully: practice practice practice practice.
Some of you went straight to work. Others did not have an immediate spot or reason and then, of course, the knowledge quickly rusts away.

Especially for those students who want to practice one more time or want to do a real day of production and make quite a bit of planting material, we are organizing the Return Day of Woody Planting Material Propagation on March 8. We start at 10 am, and the day ends between 4:30 and 5 pm.

Martijn Aalbrecht will help you that whole day with practice and also so with your questions and those of your fellow students, from which you can of course also learn a lot.

Martijn will review the theory of grafting in a nutshell on this day. We will use willow branches to bring back the grafting feeling and then it will be practice, graft and probably graft again.

There will be plenty of grafting materials. Both to practice and to make real trees with. You can buy these for a small fee, but of course you may also bring your own branches and rootstocks.


What do you bring yourself?

  • (Sharp) grafting knife if you (still) have one.
  • Tea towels (dampen on site to keep graft cuttings moist).
  • All the plant material you want to work with or have questions about.

In any case, Martijn is taking

  • Rootstocks (apple, pear, plum, cherry) € 2,- p/piece*
  • Enthout (apple, pear, nashi, plum, hybrids, almond, mirabel, etc.) for €1 each*)
  • Enttape per 25 (€ 4,-) or 110 pieces (€ 10,-)*
  • Entmes: € 20,- p /piece*
  • Labels
  • Waterproof marking pen
  • Grindstone

*These costs include 21% VAT
At the end of the day you pay Martijn in cash what you have taken from him.


When and where?

Location: Food Forest Thuishaven, Sterappellaan 23, 3897 LL Zeewolde
Date: Wednesday, March 8, start 10 a.m., end between 4:30 and 5 p.m.
Cost: 85 euros excl. VAT per participant including vegetarian/vegan lunch 

We also deliver this return day according to our terms of delivery. These are simple and clear, so please feel free to read them. If you are unable to pay the amount for the return day in one go, or if you work for an organization that uses billing, please feel free to contact us.

85,00 excl. VAT/VAT

The return day Woody Plant Propagation is meant to practice everything that is quite difficult, grafting for example, under the inspiring guidance of Martijn Aalbrecht. Please note: this day is only open to (ex)students of the course Woody Plant Propagation. 

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