If you choose professional membership you will become -just like regular membership- a full member of the association Food from the Forest. This association aims to increasingly develop and share knowledge about well-designed and managed food forests together.

But, as a professional member, you get more than a regular member. Also, your vote has more value in the general membership meeting if you are fewer in number. The knowledge sessions we offer to regular members can be developed with the professional members. Professional members can also work with the board and team to develop products, tools and services and further shape the association. If you are a teacher, then you can participate on the course platform with your courses. And probably more will happen, but we can't promise that right now.

So you get much more, and we assume that you also bring more than a regular member.

You can read our bylaws here.

Professional membership

100,00 / year

The cost is 100 euros per year. Member dues are exempt from VAT. If you become a member now, you are a member for at least one year. You can easily stop your membership in your own profile at any time for another year. If you don't, the membership will be renewed automatically.

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