If you choose regular membership you will become a full member of the Food from the Forest association. This association aims to increasingly develop and share knowledge about well-designed and managed food forests together.

As a regular member, you can vote in the general membership meeting held at least once a year and you can participate in the knowledge sessions we will develop from 2024. Who knows, there may be more in the making, that in an association can also be developed by you after all, but at least this is our promise.

You can read our bylaws here.

Tip: If you want to link your membership to the profile you already have, we recommend logging in first and then ordering the membership.

Regular membership

25,00 / year

The cost is 25 euros per year. Member dues are exempt from VAT. If you become a member now, you are a member for at least one year. You can easily stop your membership in your own profile at any time for another year. If you don't, the membership will automatically be renewed.

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