I offer something

How does the notice board work?

Do you have a question? Or do you have something to offer? Look no further, because from now on you will find the message board on this site.

On the notice board you can ask and offer anything related to food forests. Looking for help with your planting days? Make a message on the notice board. Do you have knowledge to offer? Create a message board. Do you have or are you looking for scions, seeds, cuttings? ...

Everyone can see your messages on the notice board, even people who are not logged in. So don't put in addresses and phone numbers too quickly. All logged in people can respond very easily. An account on this platform is free, so what do you think?

And, is your offer over, the planting day fully booked or do you want to get rid of your notice board item in some other way? Go to it and delete it yourself. Deleting is as easy as creating an item.

Have fun on the pinboard!

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