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Scion Exchange in Europe

E-fruitiers is a French-language exchange site for scions. If you're looking for material of certain varieties to graft, especially hard-to-find cultivars, the collective list from all the members will often times have what you're looking for. The scions are all made available by the members themselves. You will need to use some google translate, if you don't know French. You will have to setup a user profile and list the varieties you can offer yourself. Go to the Bourse, click on Mon Compte, then S'inscrire, to setup a user and an orchard (Verger).


Since it is an exchange, it works by contacting one member who has varieties you're interested in, and then requesting for an exchange. If the other member sees something from your orchard that they would like to exchange with, you can send scions to each other.

I'm posting this as a great resource to use. The collection is already huge. The more members participate, it will just get better. I also believe it would be a great benefit if we had an English-language version of such a scion exchange (or just generally plant materials, seeds and vegetative clones). For the time being, I invite you to join E-fruitier and make the best of that platform.

I'm a nursery gardener and make part of my living off selling plants, but I think we can only gain by making plant material much more available.

LINK: https://bourse.e-fruitiers.net/

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