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Linden Tree Planting Day Nov. 18,

Between Overloon and Stevensbeek, North Brabant, the Hondsbergen area contains many production forests. These forests consist of large monocultures and are felled periodically. They are mainly coniferous and American oak. This forestry method gives poor biodiversity, limited CO2 uptake and also minimal financial returns. There is no money for proper management and the forests are used for all sorts of undesirable activities such as motorcrossing and waste dumping. This is exemplary for thousands of hectares of forest in Brabant
On a plot of about 26 hectares, we are investigating together with Utrecht University how to improve biodiversity and CO2 storage in forests and increase yields without periodic felling. To this end, many species of trees are being planted with the aim of creating a forest with income from forest by-products such as mushrooms, chestnuts, acorns and berries. This should lead to forests that will not be logged for centuries because the income from the living forest is greater than that from timber.
An important step is replacing some of the conifers with trees that improve the forest and soil such as linden, alder and willow.
A planting day was organized on November 18 to plant Linden trees. We are doing this with volunteers. Planting is not hard work but requires some patience and dedication. Ground drills are used to make the holes and then it is important to plant the tree carefully. The latter is manual labor. The soil is poor and the young lime tree can only survive if it is planted correctly.
Linden trees were the supporting trees of the ecosystem several thousand years ago. They must become so again today.
If you have time and feel like helping out for a while, send an email to hondsbergen@pm.me or come to:

Stevensbeekseweg 12A
5825 JC Overloon
The daily schedule:
Walk-in 9:15 a.m.
9:30 instruction and planting
11:00 coffee
13:00 lunch
15:00 Tea
17:00 wrap up
Should you be able to do part of the day that is very helpful.
With kind and greetings and hopefully until the 18th.

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