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Old pear trees for sale

My name is Bea van Sprakelaar and I am owner/gardener of De Wijkse Moestuin in Wijk bij Duurstede. De Wijkse Moestuin is a small-scale CSA garden of 1 ha. Since January 1, the garden has expanded with 1 ha of pear orchard. We want to convert this orchard to strip cultivation with other types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. This means that many trees (conference and gieser wildeman) will be uprooted. I would like to give these trees a second life in a food forest. These are low stem trees of about 35 years old. The whole conversion process will take 3 years. And eventually 1000 of the 1500 trees will go away. Soon 150 Conference trees will be uprooted with a root ball of 70 cm and 25 Gieser Wildeman with a root ball of 80 cm. Conference and Gieser Wildeman are each other's pollinators. The trees are € 75 each. With the proceeds of the trees we can buy new planting material for the conversion to strip cultivation and thus increase biodiversity. If you have any questions or interest please contact me.

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