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Meerbomennu mega-harvest day Feb. 23 and 24 in Leersum: Come put out seedlings and take them for free for your food forest.

This is a unique opportunity to harvest your own (pioneer) seedlings. These include beech, oak, birch, broom, gorse, linden, woodland raspberry and many more species.

In June 2021, Leersum was hit by a massive local fall windstorm. The large oaks and beeches were killed. Now, more than two years later, new seedlings are already growing, even in places where they are not convenient for forest management (SBB). We may harvest these saplings before they are cut down. A great opportunity. There are a lot of them. Thousands...

Come to the Meerbomennu Mega Harvest Weekend on Feb. 23 and/or 24. Meerbomennu will provide some goodies. Bring your spade and your trailer! More information on the Meerbomennu website: link to Friday, Feb. 23 and link to Saturday, Feb. 24.

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