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Help requested on children's tree planting day in 2024

Who wants to help during the children's tree planting day at food forest de Boomgaard on Barneveldsestraat 11 B in Scherpenzeel, Gelderland?

120 Children (8th grade) from the 4 elementary school in Scherpenzeel are coming to plant trees. They need guidance in doing so. Each school comes on a different day. The dates for 2024 are not yet known.
Even if you can only help out for part of the day, you are welcome. We will provide the catering. Please do bring your own rainproof work clothes and work gloves.
Sign up via email: boomgaard@xs4all.nl
For more information about food forest the Orchard, visit: www.boomgaard.de
Yours sincerely, Vital van Looveren

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