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Food forest t'Mortelke: Volunteers wanted for planting days 7 & 27 November!

We are looking for enthusiastic planters! On 7 & 27 November, we are going to plant more than 400 trees in our food forest, and we need your help:)

It will be very nice days with a tasty lunch made with products from the food forest. Moreover, on these days you can learn from food forest experts and take a look at our beautiful food forest! So relax in a beautiful environment and work on a meaningful project.
EVERYONE IS WELCOME! The days will start at approximately 10 am and end at 4 pm. Even if you just want to drop by and help out for a few hours, all help is welcome!
Are you interested in helping out on one of the days? (Or even both days?) Then sign up by sending an email to info@fodasilva.com. Please also mention on which day(s) you would like to come! We will then send you the relevant information in time.
Hope to see you then!
Click here for more information about the project, location and planting days!

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