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Back (and front) yard mini project - co-design

Green light from the other family members to transform our back yard fully into an edible garden. ðŸĨ•ðŸ’šðŸ‘Đ🏞‍ðŸŒū Now I have 4 vegetable beds (currently gone wild and will be tamed somewhat in coming weeks).

I am trained in Natural Farming (Kawaguchi-style) yet looking to include a more long-term multi-annual design with realistic yield. I wouldn't call it a food forest.... perhaps a good garden ðŸŠī😊

If you live near Voorschoten (next to Leiden) and would like to experiment with me on what you just learned from the course on this mini plot, let's chat!


(PS. I do speak Dutch, in case that's a barrier ;.)

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