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Offered: Team Training in a Food Forest (Pilot will be facilitated for free!)

In recent years I have been inspired by the vitality of food forests and all the collaborative processes that take place there. Working with teams on their own collaboration in a food forest provides additional inspiration and collectivity to grow further as a team myself.

From my interest in food forests (at the bottom of the email is a short description) and my experience (>10yrs) as a team coach, I came up with a framework for an inspiring program in/near a food forest. From this framework the day is customized based on the team and the development question.

With the first team that applies, I want to start working in the form of a pilot. The unique thing about the pilot is that I no costs for designing and facilitating, and that you are the first to experience this training! Also, after the day I want to evaluate what worked best for you.

Benefits for you:

  1. Free preparation and facilitation of the day. So you only pay location fees
  2. Scoop: As a pilot customer, you are the first to experience this training.

Practical information:

The Location is Gasterij Wielrevelt, next to Voedselbos Haarzuilens (Lekker Landgoed) near Utrecht.


  • This offer is valid for the first to sign up for this and take the team training no later than October '24.
  • However, the costs for the location, food and drinks will be charged. (ca €500,- per day + arrangement costs per person)

If you are interested in doing this with your colleagues, please contact me at info@sanderverruimt.nl, tel 06-51913292.



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