news-24 august 2022-written by:Marieke Karssen

The Pollinators are going to perform a very nice action. Together with their partner Natuurhuisje. During the TREEVEMBER campaign, 50 food forests can participate in raising money and creating awareness of food forests and November as a great planting month for food forests.

Food forests wanted for Treevember!


If your food forest is selected you will get a nice starting budget right away, but they and we will also help you with attention and a crowdfunding campaign to raise even more money for planting materials and recruit even more volunteers for your food forest. This campaign is of interest to all start-up food forests who still want to organize planting days and raise money for planting materials. It will cost you time, and something is expected of you, but you also get a lot in return.

What does the campaign entail?

In this first phase of the campaign, The Pollinators is recruiting food forests that want to participate. Once the 50 food forests are known (mid-September), the second phase starts (from early October). In this phase, they, and all participating food forests will campaign and participate in a crowdfunding campaign to raise money. In November, everything comes together. Then the participating food forests and the campaign organize activities in food forests all over the country: tasty food, planting, getting together, touring etc and the month closes with the big TREE FEST on November 26.

Read more on the onepager created by the Pollinators.

If you are interested: please register here.

Or take a look at the campaign website