news-1 November 2022 - written by:Marieke Karssen

Six (food) forest designs, based on six very different initial situations (pasture, field, forest, orchard), that is result 1 of this project. Result 2: an online tool with which you too can make a first start on your own food forest.

Get inspired by the designs of six attractive food forest landscapes

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Food-rich, biodiverse and diverse forests, we believe, are the answer to a lot of the planet's problems. Variation in species is important for resilient forests. And trees and shrubs also play an increasingly important role in agriculture.

But, very often we then hear the question: wonderful, but how?

In response, Stichting Voedselbosbouw Nederland and Stichting Probos found six recognizable sites and designed an alternative landscape together with the landowners. And each time they have "designed" one hectare of it very far, so you can see (and download) all the details of this as well.

Consider a classic dairy farm, a forestry estate, a generation-changing farmer, an owner of very wet land, a forest with great recreational pressure and a fruit grower. All recognizable situations and landscapes in Gelderland. Together with communications agency the Lynx, we took the owners on a journey to a new landscape. More biodiverse, climate-robust, water-storing, soil-building, and, if desired, also economically productive. With wood or with food production.

Food from the Forest then translated these stories into an online tool that allows you to work with the plants and numbers yourself. You choose your initial situation, soil type, water level and one of the recipes we developed as a basis. You then use this to estimate. This way it becomes your plan.

Want to know more about this project? Then continue reading on the project page.

The Nov. 22 presentations can be downloaded here

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