news-April 3, 2023-written by:Marieke Karssen

This year, after a few months of winter rest, Frank Gorter and Marieke Karssen set out again in search of answers. And, like last year, they are starting with themselves. 

The new season of the food forest cast has begun!

first episode podcast being recorded

Every season starts small. Not with a guest, as a conversation between Frank and Marieke. What are we working on? What would we like to know and discover this season? And, how do we hope to solve the agricultural and food issues of our time? Precisely because the pressure on the landscape is increasing and also because more and more people are becoming aware of the dynamics surrounding the agricultural transition, this year we want to ask our guests even more about their vision of the future. 

They start the year at Marieke's new place to live, in the Dordogne in France. She talks about it, too. What her plans are, and why she made this move.

Frank talks a bit more about what he is currently involved in and how he guides organizations in the transition to new ways of working together. They also talk more about the future of Food from the Woods and together they explore the questions of the upcoming season.

What will next season be about?

Like last year, they will seek out pioneers that they themselves are curious about. But this year, they are going to focus even more on the future and also seek out young pioneers in particular. And, they will also cross the border more, to Flanders. Because the enormous popularity of food forests is certainly not limited to the Dutch border. How are food forests going to make a real impact? What will the landscape of the future in the Netherlands and Flanders look like? Where are the bumps, where are the opportunities?

The podcast is becoming increasingly popular

Once again, there will be an episode on Mondays every two weeks until the end of the year. Last year's episodes have now been listened to more than 35,000 times. There is also a very positive response. Lots of emails, sometimes phone calls. Super nice. And very welcome. So if you like this podcast: please give stars, likes or thumbs up and/or leave a review.

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