News-14 April 2022 - written by: Marieke Karssen

Frank Gorter and Marieke Karssen had had the idea in their heads for years. A podcast. Not about food forests, but about their makers/builders. What drives them? Where do they come from? And, where are we going as a food forest movement?

The Food Forest Podcast (Dutch only) is live

foodforest podcast

Every fortnight, they travel to the kitchen tables of the food forest pioneers of the Netherlands. They want to find out all about their deeper motivations, what food forests mean to them and how they see the future of food forests in the Netherlands and maybe even the world.They do this because they want to make the food forest movement more accessible to a wider audience. Because, for us at Voedsel uit het Bos, food forests and their pioneers are a symbol of the great food transition from the bottom up.

From 19 April onwards, they will be launching the podcast for a larger audience. Already you can find episode 1, the conversation by and between Frank and Marieke, who themselves have been busy with the subject and Food from the Forest for years. And from there the good conversations continue. With Evelyn Derksen about designing food forests. With Martijn Aalbrecht about his unique view on food forests and the transition, and with Wouter van Eck, for example, about his road to now and vision of the future.

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