Food forest knowledge is increasing

On this page, you can learn all about food forests, what they are, how you can monitor your own food forest, or create your food forest’s business plan.

At Food from the Forest, we are creating knowledge hand-in-hand with you. All the monitoring tools are available and simple, so you can monitoring the economic and ecological yields of your food forest, create a business plan, compare your data with other food forests. All of this is available to you, and you contribute your anonymous data to science by simply filling in your results. So, come along and let’s increase the knowledge of food forests together!

What is a food forest?

Reading that a food forest is an agriculture system based on natural principles can still seem like a vague slogan to many people. Fortunately, we explain it in more details.

Food forest monitoring

Here at Food from the Forest, we are not only providing knowledge, but all participants on the platform actively participate in knowledge creation. Food forest owners have a great deal to contribute to science, and to other food forest owners, by monitoring the many harvests from their food forest; be they economic or ecological harvests. 

We developed the monitoring tools with WUR (Wageningen University & Research), and communication office De Lynx, alongside more than 30 food forest owners. In 2021, thanks to a new budget from WUR, we are carrying out validation tests in food forests accross the Netherlands, and the platform is becoming available in English.

About the monitoring project

Learn more about the project, who initiated it and its participants.

About the data

We share all data through an Open Data Source for all scientists to have access to it.

Do you have a food forest?

Join the community of food forest owners who are monitoring the many harvests from their food forests. It is simple, free, and after the initial settup in the first year, little work. What is most fun is that you can also directly compare your results with the results from similar food forests. In addition, you help science just by filling in your results in the tool. The more food forests participate, the more impactful te data becomes;

Four themed food forests and their business plans

In 2018, the Dutch foundation Stichting Voedselbosbouw developed four prototype for food forest themes, for the Welna Estate in the Netherlands. The Welna estate has been in the forestry business for centuries in the heart of Veluwe National Park. These four themes and their business plans can also be useful to you and your food forest. You can download all the data from the business plans, develop and adapt them to your own food forest.

Volume production

An immensely productive and biodiverse agricultural system that is highly harvestable and scalable.


In this theme, biodiversity is central and you can create beautifully-shaped forests.


You’ll find that this theme gets the most out of an acre not only in terms of new flavors, but also economically.


A food forest at your campsite or vacation park? This is the theme for you.


We give trainings (for now in Dutch only) to learn the basics of food forests, food forest design, food forest business case creation, grafting, and more.