The short history of food forestry in the Netherlands has given birth to a field of study that will likely only enrichen with time. Botanical gastronomy unites knowledge and experience from botany and gastronomy. These two areas of study form a unique theme to be developed into a productive and economically-viable food forestry system.

The primary focus of this theme is the volume production of interesting edible species and varieties that form a delicious flavor palette. The choice of species for the gastronomy area can start with the species already known for producing large quantities of quality gastronomic foods. However, there is undoubtedly still much to discover, both in terms of species and varieties making up the food forest, and in terms of food-processing techniques. It is therefore crucial that food forest owners and culinary specialists be inventive for this themed area to be successful. An appropriate set of harvesting techniques and harvesting periods can be developed for each location, depending on the partners in the food chain. A food-and-wood farmer can harvest themselves, or they can use the help of existing and yet-to-be-developed technologies. Selective harvesting by culinary entrepreneurs themselves or intermediaries and/or subcontractors is also conceivable.


Aside from the direct production and marketing of food, a gastronomically-aimed food forest can also generate economic returns by using the place itself as a stage for education and experience, especially for specifically interested target groups. For example, a varied range of tours, tastings and cooking workshops can be offered, aimed at entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, on a scale from global and generic, to refined and specialized.


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What if the forest were once again a humming, buzzing, murmuring ecosystem that contains plenty of food for everything alive?


Connect the forest to people again, and people with healthy and rich nature, with plentiful food for everyone. 


Wood, nut and fruit trees. Put them in a row and you will get much richer harvests from the forest.