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Four food forest themes and their rationale

Stichting Voedselbosbouw developed four food forest themes in 2018. For Welna estate, but of course also interesting for other food forests. Below you can see them. If you click on them you will get more information. Under each theme and at the bottom of this page you can download the plant lists and harvest calculations for all themes. Below that again, you can interactively make a calculation for your own country. To do this, create an account on this site or log in with the account you already have.

Theme biodiversity

In this theme, the focus is primarily on nature values and increasing biodiversity.

Theme experience

This theme is about developing recreational food forests where people are brought back into contact with the origin of food.

Theme volume production

This food forest theme focuses on practical food production. This forest will not be very romantic, but it offers a very healthy business model.

Theme gastronomy

This is partly a volume production model, but on a smaller scale, and partly a more romantic arrangement. In terms of income, this is the most versatile model.

The four themes worked out financially for Welna estate

Fill in the form below and you will receive the financial elaboration of the four themes and their explanation in your mailbox.

Developing the four themes for your plan

The online business case tool is basically filled with the data for Welna Estate, including the plant lists. However, you can adjust these data to the size and needs of your country. 

To prevent overly rosy scenarios, in the online tool we added 25% to the costs for the biodiversity theme and subtracted 25% from the revenues for the experience theme. For the themes with good returns, we have added 25% to both sides. If you want to know more about how the figures were calculated, download the Excel for Welna.

Start your measurements

We have built a tool with which you, in your own environment, can make a pretty nice customised report that can serve as a conversation starter for your own supporters, family, financiers, etc.

Of course, this is only the beginning and the plant list consists of plants that do well on sandy soils, and we base our models on assumptions, but every year there will be more real data and all your heads will be calculating with us, so help us to make this matter more beautiful together. Enjoy.