Increasing the experiential value of a food forest can be done in an infinite number of ways; it is absolutely tailor-made. A place can therefore be given its own personal colouring by means of the assortment of trees and shrubs, the spatial layout and the introduction of landscape elements and user objects such as barefoot paths, cableways and overnight accommodation, and of activities and the various forms and intensities of support that go with them.

Food from the forest can also be part of this in many ways: food that can be picked at random, along certain routes or from seasonal forests, but also food that is part of bushcraft events, cooking workshops, tastings and processing festivals around specific products. Another segment of the spectrum of possible experiences could include more subdued forms of physical and mental relaxation, such as yoga, silence walks or meditation, where the quality of the living forest as a whole would form more of the basis of the experience, to be complemented by appropriate experiences of discovering, harvesting, preparing and eating food on the site itself. On this basis, an economic objective for such experience forests can be developed, and with this, the Dutch territory will be able to enrich itself in all imaginable and - as yet - unimaginable ways. It seems to be mainly a matter of the creativity of entrepreneurs to give hands and feet to this locally.


Download the data for Welna Estate

Start your measurements

We have simplified the data and information for Welna estate a little, and also added an economic cautionary measure by skimming another 25% off the costs and benefits for the two themes where harvesting is high.

We then built a tool with which you, in your own environment, can make a pretty nice customised report that can serve as a conversation starter for your own supporters, family, financiers, etc.

Of course, this is only the beginning and the plant list consists of plants that do well on sandy soils, and we base our models on assumptions, but every year there will be more real data and all your heads will be calculating with us, so help us to make this matter more beautiful together. Enjoy.

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What if the forest is once again buzzing, chirping, jingling and full of food for all that wants to live?


Reconnect forest with our food and local food chain.


Wood, nuts, fruits, put them in a row and get a much richer harvest from the forest.